Those who make claim Trump is the Anti-christ?

Those who make such a claim, I will offer my neck to your sword if the Trump you claim is such a man to take a sword to the necks of the Church, the people of God. Jesus is the Christ the Son of the living God.

This didn’t sit well in my Spirit and so I have taken that passage that claimed the antichrist narrative will make a peace with Israels neighbors and so on. Its just the opposite. Peace will be made by a commander or a leader however that peace will be taken away by another man the anti-christ.

Im going do a study and post it in a blog. It may take a while so I’ll be patient.

I have resources and I will present them.

Hopefully this false narrative will come to light.

End of Time Study Series:

All Roads Lead to Jerusalem

Published by Wyatt Alois Lessner

I’m just a nobody messenger, prophet maybe. The thoughts, meditations, words, messages and other writings are inspired by the author and the finisher of my faith. I’m here only to proclaim and not to justify to anyone whats written. All inspirations in posts are original unless mentioned or quoted in the post. All of God’s rights to it is reserved. Why Jeremiah? He is the Weeping Prophet. God will confirm His word in my heart in this manner. Every Old Covenant Prophet will have their today in the New Covenant Church. Prophets are a extension of a characteristic of their Creator.

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