A Savior in the House!

Knowing Him and the Power of His Resurrection within you Dear Folks, The Lord Jesus the Christ, the only begotten Son of the Father of Heaven is present here with us at this very moment, He has sought you out this day. As you are present here, He is present with you, He stands atContinue reading “A Savior in the House!”


Some claim that we didn’t rise up enough?

Actually we did rise up, but we weren’t in the streets destroying property and killing people. We went about the process lawfully with integrity. It’s not that we weren’t doing what God expects of us. We prayed and we fasted as God’s people, we came together, and because we didn’t receive the natural result expectedContinue reading “Some claim that we didn’t rise up enough?”

Those who make claim Trump is the Anti-christ?

Those who make such a claim, I will offer my neck to your sword if the Trump you claim is such a man to take a sword to the necks of the Church, the people of God. Jesus is the Christ the Son of the living God. This didn’t sit well in my Spirit andContinue reading “Those who make claim Trump is the Anti-christ?”

It’s no different in the today than in the yesterday

“I will live by faith, not by what I see or hear. I will not fear the future.” In regards of recent events, I am reposting this. I’m sure some are concerned with recent happenings with a particular candidate I had a dream about. This dream transformed me and my feelings and awareness of things.Continue reading “It’s no different in the today than in the yesterday”

Finding your First Love, in the Now and Again

How Can? The lust of a king, have sent another to his grave, by coveting in his heart to take this other man’s wife to be his, And how did this seed of an unholy union descend and became the Savior of all mankind. How Can? This man take that which is consecrated holy toContinue reading “Finding your First Love, in the Now and Again”

The Two Giants and the One Stone, and Bad Blood

Two giants being taken down in our land with one stone’s throw by God’s David Elect. Keeping in mind the previous blog posts; what does the Stone represent and what did the two giants represent? God has shown us in the now the bad blood pumping through the system corrupting the body of our government.Continue reading “The Two Giants and the One Stone, and Bad Blood”