Metaphorically speaking, some regions are going through a polar shift.

The Lord of Heaven and Earth, the One who spoke to the all is, speaks to the resolve in our land. Be expecting the polar flip, He will defy the gravity of a land. Those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Who is your Resolve? Jesus! The Son of the Living God.Continue reading “Metaphorically speaking, some regions are going through a polar shift.”

Conversion Therapy?

As for conversion therapy, lets leave our conversion to Christ and leave our hands out of it (don’t meddle with it, we don’t create others in our own image with our own imaginations). Let’s not interfere with God’s creation. As for closed doors, let’s not close our doors to God’s creation. Principalities may have boardedContinue reading “Conversion Therapy?”

God’s will! Will make a way

Why does things happen around us? Gods will is the polar that holds order to all things. Is our order seem to be flying apart, coming together or stagnant around us? He sets an order, we are that extension of His will, if were willing. That does affect our perception around us, whether good orContinue reading “God’s will! Will make a way”