Today, are we seeing one party against the other, or is the battle going elsewhere? Perhaps the spirit of the antichrist trying to take root in our Land. The Spirit of the Lord is pushing back to establish His borders with in our country for His Church. The Lord got me up around 3am withContinue reading “DON’T LET THE CHURCH BURN!”

In this land of Oz the wicked witch is dead

There will be transference of power and strength in this nation. We will no longer be standing in innocent blood but be washed by the crimson blood of the cross. During morning prayer 10/26/2020 posted @jeremiahrising Parler This was posted the morning of and prior to senate confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett

The transference of JUSTICE!

Let justice in this country be real justice and liberty in this country be real liberty. Our justice will be the Daniel in our Nation. Fast and Pray! Church! What say you. Shared 9/26/2020 @jeremiahrising Parler This was originally posted the very morning and prior to the Trump nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for SupremeContinue reading “The transference of JUSTICE!”

Jesus, You Started it, you Finished it

You were born of a virgin in humble surroundings. You walked among us as one of us. You were ordained by your Father in a river through a lowly man preparing your people with the good news of your arrival has come. For 40 days and 40 nights you brought yourself to a place ofContinue reading “Jesus, You Started it, you Finished it”