As I promised, I will remember you on the days you remember me

Say’s your Lord and King

My gift! Marry Christmas! A truly Happy New year!

The First Gift as I said before, will open slowly into the next. You remembered Me as the Son of Man, the Christ, the Son of the Loving Living God. Your Family, Your Messiah. You remembered my coming and my going.

I have heard your prayers, as I promised, the gift will unwrap slowly and be fully presented by the day of my resurrection remembered. I Remember you.

This gift will open six more times, the next equally or greater than the first, wrapped with My Holy Spirit of promise. The final gift of completion will re-wrap into a new dawn, a new beginning for those I have called to my Name.

Jesus, your Christ, the Son of God from the Father.

Know My days, know My gifts.

The Last Shall be First

The United States of America

Who are you?

His First Born.

His Chief Tribe,

The protector of The Nation of Israel.

The Last Nation to be Born,

shall become His First Born.

The Tribe of Ephraim

The Chief Tribe of the North

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All Roads Lead to Jerusalem

All Roads Lead to Jerusalem

In God’s Time And Times Again

It’s about time – Prophetic Timelines

Daniel 12:13 – But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.

This teaching series is a summery of a eye opening journey through Daniel chapter 7, 9 & 12 time lines, Revelation 11-13 and associated scriptures, on the events of the past and present.

Much is being talked about end time prophecies and how they relate to today.

What we have been taught the last 200 years, much is bent on deception. And what has been taught has been a vail and a smoke screen to hide or misdirect’s the signs that our Lord has presented us.

It looks close to the real thing however it takes away the clarity of certain events and this even takes away or ability to give glory to God.

The traditional narrative promotes fear and anxiety of the last of days and not hope and praise we have in our Savior. Yes His time is near to us. But we should have peace in these troubled days. He is the prince of peace. The Church needs to know her part in history and today.

This blog series is much of my own words in applying what I was learning. The challenge of this blog was to solidify and summarize my understanding of what I was learning.

Much of my resources comes from the following sources.:

The outlines and scriptures referenced is derived much from Pastor Joe’s teachings.

All of the timeline dates can be found on search engines. Search specifically the dates and keywords given. The teachings are nothing new and can be found on the internet.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Matthew 7:7 & 8

Please go to separate blog link below for study series:

Keep in mind that I have been going through these posts, making edits; cleaning up continuity, grammar, spelling, adding dates and points. Still a work in process.The progression of these studies is important and provides continuity for the next in the series. However the latter will tell who you are in the respect to the church and nation.

Fear in Faith

Some will say the opposite of fear is faith. Well, what if fear is found in faith. Fear of the Lord. Many passages use the great and terrible day of the Lord. In these contexts we will find that the Lord is a someone to run to in awe and not run from.

To fear Egypt is wise but run to the Lord in the fear found in faith.

Fear that is in faith, in awe of God. As Israel standing at the waters with Egypt’s chariots behind them. Then the waters parted, do you run in fear of whats ahead, or do you stand in the awe of faith and proceed forward. This is fear that is of faith.

A Savior in the House!

Knowing Him and the Power of His Resurrection within you

Dear Folks, The Lord Jesus the Christ, the only begotten Son of the Father of Heaven is present here with us at this very moment, He has sought you out this day.

As you are present here, He is present with you, He stands at your heart’s door to make His personal introduction.

Will you not open your hearts door for something real?

To the one who knows you like no other, even more than the personal image of self.

Invite Him In

Have you found life wasn’t worth it, too much to bare,

You could not begin to say how much you couldn’t care.

There stands a Savior at your heart’s door knocking,

Speaking words you want to relate,

Of love, peace and joy,

Telling you, it’s not to late.

As far as the east is from the west,

So, He holds nothing against,

In His presence you can find your rest.

He shares this love that can go so far,

He showed me many things, mainly to forgive,

With all His mercy and grace, He loves you just the way you are.

I have found peace of mind and a true way to live.

All things old can again become new,

To all this is my testimony

He did it for me and He can do it for you.

Knock Knock!

Will you not come to the door


Invite Him in!

He can exchange your gospel of fears,

With the Gospel found in His tears.

Keep Your Covenants

With out taking away other’s promises.

Is our writ of marriage sacred to islam? Is it a heavenly decree to the atheist? Is it sanctified by the buddhist? Is it worth the signature on paper it is written on? Where are your witnesses?

Is this system sanctioned by God only?

In our land marriage has became a wordly institution. Sanctioned by man’s recognition. It’s a contract. This document that clauses a agreement of ownership;

What is mine is yours, what is yours is mine. No matter who’s Name it’s done under.

There is a greater covenant than this.

Let the world have the writ of union, let our God have a covenant. That which is promised and agreed upon between two souls, let them have the law of the land without breaking another. We all agree there is sanctity of a life.

The world doesn’t always play by God’s rules. Give to God that which is God’s, don’t tell Rome to change it ways. Just change yours.*1

Keep the Law of the Covenant, sum it up to the One Law that all others point to.

Keep your covenants between yourselves as you would keep this covenant with your God.

Any other way would be divorce.

*1 When you read Romans Chapter One and point the finger,

Read Romans Chapter two, you will find three fingers pointing back at you. With one pointing up.

Its okay not like the messenger,

Just don’t throw me off a building, drown me in water, crush me under a large stone, gas me or set me on fire like the heathens do.

Pray for me and not against me. Pray with me.

No sodomites here

What say you! People of God.