A Savior in the House!

Knowing Him and the Power of His Resurrection within you

Dear Folks, The Lord Jesus the Christ, the only begotten Son of the Father of Heaven is present here with us at this very moment, He has sought you out this day.

As you are present here, He is present with you, He stands at your heart’s door to make His personal introduction.

Will you not open your hearts door for something real?

To the one who knows you like no other, even more than the personal image of self.

Invite Him In

Have you found life wasn’t worth it, too much to bare,

You could not begin to say how much you couldn’t care.

There stands a Savior at your heart’s door knocking,

Speaking words you want to relate,

Of love, peace and joy,

Telling you, it’s not to late.

As far as the east is from the west,

So, He holds nothing against,

In His presence you can find your rest.

He shares this love that can go so far,

He showed me many things, mainly to forgive,

With all His mercy and grace, He loves you just the way you are.

I have found peace of mind and a true way to live.

All things old can again become new,

To all this is my testimony

He did it for me and He can do it for you.

Knock Knock!

Will you not come to the door


Invite Him in!

He can exchange your gospel of fears,

With the Gospel found in His tears.

Keep Your Covenants

With out taking away other’s promises.

Is our writ of marriage sacred to islam? Is it a heavenly decree to the atheist? Is it sanctified by the buddhist? Is it worth the signature on paper it is written on? Where are your witnesses?

Is this system sanctioned by God only?

In our land marriage has became a wordly institution. Sanctioned by man’s recognition. It’s a contract. This document that clauses a agreement of ownership;

What is mine is yours, what is yours is mine. No matter who’s Name it’s done under.

There is a greater covenant than this.

Let the world have the writ of union, let our God have a covenant. That which is promised and agreed upon between two souls, let them have the law of the land without breaking another. We all agree there is sanctity of a life.

The world doesn’t always play by God’s rules. Give to God that which is God’s, don’t tell Rome to change it ways. Just change yours.*1

Keep the Law of the Covenant, sum it up to the One Law that all others point to.

Keep your covenants between yourselves as you would keep this covenant with your God.

Any other way would be divorce.

*1 When you read Romans Chapter One and point the finger,

Read Romans Chapter two, you will find three fingers pointing back at you. With one pointing up.

Its okay not like the messenger,

Just don’t throw me off a building, drown me in water, crush me under a large stone, gas me or set me on fire like the heathens do.

Pray for me and not against me. Pray with me.

No sodomites here

What say you! People of God.

Some claim that we didn’t rise up enough?

Actually we did rise up, but we weren’t in the streets destroying property and killing people. We went about the process lawfully with integrity. It’s not that we weren’t doing what God expects of us. We prayed and we fasted as God’s people, we came together, and because we didn’t receive the natural result expected doesn’t mean that Our God didn’t stand with us and our Nation. I know God has spoken to me clearly about some things, however the manner that God speaks is mysterious and not always clear so that our own expectations can not interrupt the interpretation, lean not to our own understanding as we gets in the way of the Lord’s outcome. When all is said and done, what is true comes out. And the mystery is answered. We all know what we seen. We all seen the enemy at work, however have we seen our God at work as well, and this has not stopped. If the Election is stolen by the Left-Behinds then some of what I was posting would make sense. We still have a God, we still have a Nation and we still have a Document that can not be bent by the will of elected officials. God saw this day coming and so did our founding fathers.

This was written in response to a Dear Sisters frustration.

Those who make claim Trump is the Anti-christ?

Those who make such a claim, I will offer my neck to your sword if the Trump you claim is such a man to take a sword to the necks of the Church, the people of God. Jesus is the Christ the Son of the living God.

This didn’t sit well in my Spirit and so I have taken that passage that claimed the antichrist narrative will make a peace with Israels neighbors and so on. Its just the opposite. Peace will be made by a commander or a leader however that peace will be taken away by another man the anti-christ.

Im going do a study and post it in a blog. It may take a while so I’ll be patient.

I have resources and I will present them.

Hopefully this false narrative will come to light.

End of Time Study Series:

All Roads Lead to Jerusalem

It’s no different in the today than in the yesterday

“I will live by faith, not by what I see or hear. I will not fear the future.” In regards of recent events, I am reposting this. I’m sure some are concerned with recent happenings with a particular candidate I had a dream about. This dream transformed me and my feelings and awareness of things. God has given me an unconditional love for an individual that in the natural I would never like or love. I still stand by what I heard from the Spirit of God. God knows the outcome. No matter what happens next, and even if God has made me a liar I will still trust in Him. I have something that I lost along the way, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Something that this nation has lost no matter what side of the line we are standing on including the Church. That line will become thinner in the next administration or maybe nonexistent. I’m seeing this happening because I’m seeing things that are happening that I thought would never happen.
I look at this as the reboot of Donald Trump’s soul.
Everyone has a Friend in Jesus. Are you One.

I wrote this post on 10/8/2016 on FB

This stands today more than ever. The Lord gave me a dream that Trump was going to to be the next President. It went against the grain of what the media was saying and likewise, most of my friends and family. When I shared this, it literally changed my life. And It wasn’t a easy journey. However it was one of the greatest rewards God has blessed me with.

I will share the dream that led up to this on paintingsinthecloset.Wordpress.com


Jesus is not the Rock?

This is no joke, however don’t miss the punchline.

Well He isn’t! And neither is Peter, Per-say. The Rock is not flesh. And there is a lot of flesh that the church is build on today. Same as the Body of Christ is not made up of flesh, but the Spirit of His Revelation inside us as we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

If we had no other writings or teachings today, our revelation of who Jesus is would be enough to get us through, and in the very beginning, this was so.

If this wasn’t so then this precious book would just be words on pages. Old and New Testament. This revelation leads up to the cross and resurrection.

The Rock is in the revelation and this power is released in your confession. This confession unlocks heaven on earth and locks down in heaven on earth.

It’s a Rock we all share in.

The revelation given to us by the Father is the Rock and the Foundation that which the church us build on, the revelation is, “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God”. Who revealed this to Simon Son of Jonah or Peter? Is Peter the only one who holds the keys of this revelation? Is Peter the only one the Father revealed this to?

The Father revealed this to us. Does the Rock sit with Jesus or Peter alone? The house is build on the Rock, flesh is sinking sand. It sits on the Father’s revelation of who Jesus is. The Father spoke this same revelation during His Son’s Resurrection. The keys that were given up by the First Adam, was taken back by the Second Adam.

Look at the Church today. Do we see the perfect bride. Not if a miracle happens. And it will.

However, we all today have something to build on that can not be shaken or moved, a revelation of who and not just what Jesus is.

Is He a who, or is He just a what?

Matthew 16:16-19

Simon Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” And Jesus answered him, “You are blessed, Simon son of Jonah, because flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but my Father in heaven! And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overpower it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will have been bound in heaven, and whatever you release on earth will have been released in heaven.”

The Rock is the revelation, the revelation is this, Jesus is the Christ, the only begotten Son of the living God the Father. Upon this rock, Jesus said, He will build His church.

Peter, no more or less than a rock than you or I

Is Peter a Rock? Look at how Peter was trying to build his church of exclusion and how he was rebuked by Paul. By the way both birth names were Simon.

Is Jesus the Rock? Well, not in of himself. But the Revelation given to us from His Father of who Christ is and His relation to His Church.

1 Corinthians 10:4 does state that He is the Rock however it refers to a rock that we all drink from. Is it the same rock or another metaphor?

This Revelation is the catalyst preceding to all that is to come for His Church.

Who is Jesus?

What is the Rock?

What is your confession?

What are the Kingdom Keys?

Everything, we as the church, is build on these principles.

I don’t identify with a name, I identify with the Identity. Then the Name can be reckoned with.

Church! What say you.

Finding your First Love, in the Now and Again

How Can?

The lust of a king, have sent another to his grave, by coveting in his heart to take this other man’s wife to be his,

And how did this seed of an unholy union descend and became the Savior of all mankind.

How Can?

This man take that which is consecrated holy to the Lord and offers it to his men to eat,

only to feed them who were hungry after battle.

Then Also,

This man who praised and danced before his God in his under garments, not considering his dignity and exposing himself to all the people.

To only be a true worshiper, and have contributed to one of the most beloved books in the bible. Considered by his people, a true beloved king and considered by God, a man after His own heart.

How can?

A woman be a prostitute and help some children of Israel to escape,

To have a place in the lintage of a Savior of all man kind

How can?

Another man have his first child with another woman, while married to another,

Be the Father of Faith and the Nation Israel.

How can?

A man being responsible for New Covanant believers killed,

To have authored much of the New Covenant writings.

How can?

Another woman be a prostitute,

To have become a New Testament icon. Which gave fame to the quote, “let those who are without sin, cast the first stone”.

How Can?

A tax collector who dined and drank with swine,

Be the prodigal son welcomed back into his Fathers arms,

and be a disciple and a author to a Gospel.

How can?

A man have denied knowing his closest Friend,

Being the first to be called a fisher of men. The first to confess, who his friend is, the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

How can a son be born in a stall and die between two thieves,

Be the Son of God and the Savior of mankind.

How dare?

An considered abomination be inspired, love God and scribe this.

Only God knows the intention of a true heart.

At what point can a heart change?

Does repentance make a wrong, a right?

Does the end justifies the means?

How Can they have dared?

Then ask, what if they didn’t?

Let the question remain open.

Church! What say you.

The Two Giants and the One Stone, and Bad Blood

Two giants being taken down in our land with one stone’s throw by God’s David Elect.

Keeping in mind the previous blog posts; what does the Stone represent and what did the two giants represent?

God has shown us in the now the bad blood pumping through the system corrupting the body of our government. This has gone on long before our current Administration. This Body (USA) will stand strong again. The clean up started a while back.