Two State Solution?

Who were the Philistines in the Old Testament? It was a term used by the Israelites for illegal immigrants in their inheritant Land. Those who didn’t belong in the Land! Palestinians only wants a one state solution; Theirs! A two state solution is a lie that masquerades as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A similarContinue reading “Two State Solution?”

A Curse can Lead to a Cure and a Blessing

Some may look at the corona virus as a curse, how can a blessing come out of a curse? It has brought me closer to my Creator than any other time of my life. I’ve spent more time with Him and trusting Him, during these few months than the rest combined. I think His ChurchContinue reading “A Curse can Lead to a Cure and a Blessing”

As I promised, I will remember you on the days you remember me

Say’s your Lord and King My gift! Marry Christmas! A truly Happy New year! The First Gift as I said before, will open slowly into the next. You remembered Me as the Son of Man, the Christ, the Son of the Loving Living God. Your Family, Your Messiah. You remembered my coming and my going.Continue reading “As I promised, I will remember you on the days you remember me”