A Dream the morning of 10/11/2020

Folks, Last night I had another dream. I stood to the left and in-front of a woman who was sitting on the ground. As I was waiting for warrior friends to arrive and surround this person, she was telling us to go away. We were standing around a defeated enemy. And our response was notContinue reading “A Dream the morning of 10/11/2020”


Church, You have been hungry from your fast

The firewall in the nation that the enemy erected will be hacked by The Kingdom of God. It will be broken down. The corruption in the platform of the enemy will be exposed and compromised. Taken over by His saints. The prince of the Babylon daily will be weakened and compromised. The corruption will noContinue reading “Church, You have been hungry from your fast”

Lord, where art thou?

When God asked Adam, “where art thou?” It wasn’t that the Lord didn’t know where Adam was, He wanted Adam to know where he was. Adam disobeyed his Creator and felt separated, he no longer had that familiar connection, God seemed more like a stranger than a friend, Adam was fearful and ashamed. Are weContinue reading “Lord, where art thou?”